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Mike Pluta

Hi, I'm Mike Pluta. I am a data geek and data whisperer.

Mike Pluta's Bio:

Mike Pluta has been a data geek for nearly 30 years. He excels at channeling data; organizing it, extracting it, analyzing it– doing whatever it takes to coax from it the story that it has to tell. Mike believes that when given the proper environment and opportunity, data will share with us its’ stories and secrets. We are then able to learn new and exciting things about our business and world. This gives us the opportunity to make decisions and take action based on what we’ve learned to make both our world and business better.

Mike operates Broomfield Technology Consultants, a boutique advisory services consultancy based in the north-west corner of the Denver-Boulder metropolitan area focused on providing advice about Big Data and business intelligence strategy to small and medium sized businesses. He is a skilled data and software systems architect with a history of having worked extensively in the telecommunications and media and entertainment domains. Mike has also spent several years working as a professional services consultant and manager for product and systems integration firms. His blog can be found at

Mike’s 30+ years’ experience in business, technology and complex program management across multiple industry domains (incl. Manufacturing, Retail, Financial Services, Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Media, Entertainment and Advertising) has given him a deep direct, and intuitive understanding of the value of data. He has a clear understanding of where, how and why to apply technology to solve business’s problems and further, bring forward opportunities.

Mike has worked with technology and computer systems from the component level having written device driver software to embedded system control software to database operating system software. He’s built and managed very large database systems from a 200GB database marketing system in the mid 1990’s to a multi-hundred terabyte fraud detection database with one of the first commercial columnar data stores to more recently a petabyte size Amazon Redshift database facilitating supply chain predictive analytics. Mike has experience with database systems from Model 204, PICK and Prime Information to relational technologies such as Sybase, Oracle and PostgreSQL as well as MPP systems such as Greenplum, Redshift and Hadoop and NoSQL technologies such as MongoDB, Cassandra, Neo4j and HBase.

Mike has had a career filled with new and different experiences. He considers himself lucky in this regard. Mike does not shy away from a challenge for lack of experience. While Information Systems and Technology has been Mike’s primary professional focus, by taking advantage of opportunities outside of the IS/IT realm, Mike has learned and grown in ways not otherwise possible.

In addition to his extensive IS/IT experience, Mike was a Venture Capital business plan analyst. He designed and built network monitoring software and equipment, built commercial radio broadcast studios and even hosted a weekly radio show. As Chief Managing Engineer for the second largest commercial broadcaster in Colorado, Mike built radio and TV broadcast transmission facilities on mountain tops in Colorado. Mike has also built companies. From concept to operation, he built an industry leading large format sign and billboard print company. Having been involved in the start-up of several companies, Mike has acquired an appreciation and comfort with the role of player-coach; doing what is necessary to facilitate tactical operations while working to define and steer toward the company’s strategic goals.

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Mike Pluta's Interests & Activities:

Mike's professional interests are around the technology, architecture, design and implementation of very large databases in support of evidence based and data-driven decision support systems. Specifically, Mike had interests in Big Data, NoSQL, Hadoop, MongoDB, Neo4j, Python and iOS App Development. Emerging Technologies; Big Data; NoSQL Technologies; NoSQL Database Design; NoSQL Application Architecture; Non-First Normal Form Database Design; Non-First Normal Form Application Architecture;Business Intelligence; MPP Databases, Semantic Search; Evidence Based Decision Making; Advanced Analytics; Predictive Analytics; Service Orientation Enablement of Business Intelligence and Big Data (i.e. BI as a Service, Big Data as a Service); Hadoop; MongoDB; MarkLogic; Neo4j; Python; iOS App Development

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